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Measuring Impact and Improving Performance

NORC is one of USAID’s most valued program evaluation partners

Since 2011, when USAID launched an ambitious effort to enhance the impact and cost effectiveness of its programs, NORC has increasingly become one of the agency’s relied upon evaluation partners. In 2016-2017, NORC helped validate the effectiveness of a legal assistance project in Haiti, suggested strategies for improving the outcomes of an early grade literacy initiative in Uganda, evaluated the impact of a reading program in Zambia that used text messaging to send short stories to 2nd and 3rd graders, and finalized the analysis of an anti-corruption project in Peru that used various voter education initiatives to reduce the influence of campaign funds from illicit mining, timber, and drug trafficking.

NORC interviewed more than 1,080 detainees in Haitian prisons to understand how legal assistance impacted their detention time.